Interior styling with Anna Mac

Having recently renovated our home, I have loved styling each room, and my lastest project has been the lounge room. It’s one of the most used rooms in the house, being central as it flows off the kitchen and onto the outdoor deck area, so it needs to be cosy and kid friendly.

For me when styling any room, I start with the large pieces and then go from there, in this case it begins with the perfect couch. For us an obvious choice was a dark colour, leather piece, a must with a house full of young kids with sticky hands. Of course comfort is always key, The Dahlia from Freedom ticked all the boxes.

Next is a good rug, we went for a thick comfy one that can bring warmth to the wooden floorboards, and by adding a few large floor pillows, it makes playing with kids a really comfy, chilled out space to be.- rug by Voyager

Adding a little greenery into a room brings a little nature and colour into the home. With some cool fake plant options out there recently, I was a little torn on which way to go, so I put it out to my followers on instagram, for their vote on indoor plants, to go REAL or FAKE? The answer was unanimous, with everyone loving the look of a real plant. So I got in contact with the gorgeous Marita, from Into the Wild Plants, and she completely sorted me out with the most divine Fiddle Leaf, and hand delivered it on a Saturday. Now with its new home in the corner of the lounge room, my job is to keep it alive!

The real fun part when decorating is adding cushions!  Cushions are such an affordable way to update and add an impact to any room. A little tip when picking them is to keep in mind the colour palette of your couch and chairs, from there mix those colours with one shade lighter or darker. For visual impact try mixing patterns and textures and really have fun with it!

If I have to have toys in the lounge room then I need to at least have them in a cute basket, Freedom have a great range of wicker baskets.

I am so happy with how our new kid friendly and cosy new space turned out, perfect for hours of playing and Netflix nights in.

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