When I come across cute local brands such as Honey and Co Club I can’t help but jump straight on board. Here’s a cool idea that encourages kids to get excited over getting mail (bit retro in the digital age), and receiving a package that’s just for them. Instead of watching mum receiving her endless amounts of shopping (on-line shopping addiction, who’s with me?).

Kids can sign up to join the Honey club, where they can receive a different surprise kit in the mail every month. Usually consisting of a book, or a puzzle and some cute interactive toy, all in a cool canvas bag. I know from my boys experience, that they just loved when the postman turned up and then it’s all about opening and playing with their gift, made just for them. Anything that keeps the boys entertained for this amount of time is a winner in our house.

Honey is named after Lou’s family pet labrador, and the kids always receive a little story about the adventures she has every month.

To sign up or receive one of these gorgeous Honey kits click HERE

Photos by Kala Lampard

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