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 Otis’s Special Space

March 11, 2016

I am beyond excited to share with you our new baby Otis ‘s special space. We are about to renovate our two bedroom house – soon to extend with our extending family. So for now, baby Otis will be staying in with us.

Even though it’s not a complete room, when the nesting stage kicked in, I still wanted something special and inspirational. So working with what we have, I created a perfectly cosy and elegant area for the new addition in the small space available.

We didn’t  know the sex of the baby so keeping it gender neutral was key. Everything is predominantly white, with a touch of colour from the blue, grey Canopy.  My plans are to add a touch of navy and mustard as we now know there is another little man in our family (some baby pink and silver if it was a girl).

Style Tip…

Where to start – To get your design ideas and as a guide for inspiration, its best to turn to the many amazing Instagram accounts and Pinterest images out there. Once you have your design ideas and colour scheme you can get started! If you are like me and you don’t have a large budget, shop around and find more affordable items, I turned to Kmart for the storage unit, star light and white stool. Then I splurged on items such as the cute Elephant night light and the beautiful no. 74 Canopy (that can be used as a tent filled with cushions for the kids to play in when they are older.  Thanks Mr K for hanging the canopy!).

Thanks so much for having a read. You can shop all items below, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on my baby’s corner.

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 Storage Unit, Star Light, Stool, Sheep skin –

Heico Elephant Night Light –

Shoes –

No.74 canopy –

Cross Swaddle –

Swaddle –

Milestone Cards –

Wooden Camera –

Artwork –

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